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Papers On Urban Studies (Page 1)
Why Cities Exist / A Look At Urban Economic Theory &
The History Of Cities :
A 20 page paper that provides an
overview of trhe application of major economic theories to the
history and development of cities in the United States and
through out the world. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

City Morphology / As Evidenced By the Greek, Romans,
Italians, & French :
A 5 page overview of city evolution as
evidenced by the Greek, Roman and Italian cultures. Discusses
how the Greeks heavily influenced Roman cities and how the
Romans, in turn, influenced Italian cities. Gives several
examples of planned and organic cities. Bibliography lists 4
sources. Citymorp.wps

Cities / Social - Cultural Changes : A 6 page research paper
compares modern society in Los Angeles and Boston with
ancient Sparta and Athens. The writer focuses on crime and
education, and general concerns of the police state. References
are made to works by Zimiatin, Ellison and Plato. Bibliography
lists 9 sources. Citycult.wps

Racial Segregation And The Watts Neighborhood Of Los
Angeles / A Focus On Urban Revitalization As A Solution
To Racial Division :
This 5 page paper is broken down into
two specific parts: The paper considers the issue of racial
segregation in the urban landscape and the problems in
residential areas, then relates the issue of racial segregation to
the specific elements of the Watts neighborhood in Los Angeles
and the attempts being made towards urban revitalization in
light of the call for reductions in racial divisions. Bibliography
lists 4 sources. LA.race.wps

Segregation & the Urban Setting : This 20 page paper looks
at the subject of segregation in the urban setting. Several points
are explored, including African American history, the slave
trade and migration to the North. The thesis of this paper is that
segregation is more acceptable now than it has ever been in the
past. The reason why is due to the adoption of multiculturalism.
Several specific examples are noted and the topics of unique
African customs, rap music, fashion, ebonics, and Kwanza are
discussed. Bibliography lists 25 sources Segrurb.wps

Urban Enterprise Zones : A 15 page overview of urban
enterprise zones. Outlines the successes and failures of these
zones presenting empirical evidence from several. Concludes
that although these zones often result in jobs, too few of those
jobs are filled by disadvantaged zone residents. Suggests
requiring the hiring of specific target groups in order for a
business to reap the tax and regulatory incentives offered in
these areas. Bibliography lists 8 sources. PPentZon.wps

Italian Immigrant Communities in San Diego 1840-1950 :
The National Process of Italian Immigration and the
Implications for One Urban Center: This 25 page paper
considers the process of Italian immigration which occurred in
the late 19th century and first half of the 20th century and the
implications of this process for communities like San Diego.
This paper also considers Italian immigration relative to the
state of California as a whole and provides comparisons of rural
vs. urban communities and the integration of the Italian
American population nationwide. Bibliography lists 20 sources.

City Organization And Evolution : A 5 page overview of the
changes experienced by the American city over time. Discusses
the structural and political organization and the interrelationship
of city government with regional, state and federal government.
Bibliography lists 3 sources. CityOrg.wps

Presidential Reconstruction/Congressional Plans:
1865-1877 :
3 pages in length. Defining the relationships that
existed between and among government, politics, democracy
and power in the mid-1800s was a task that drew its conclusion
upon a very fine line. Indeed, while all four of these entities
had something significant to do with one another, at the same
time they each possessed their own particular arrangement
within the wide and varied scheme of bureaucratic function.
The writer discusses the elements that played an integral role in
the modification of the presidential reconstruction.
Bibliography lists 4 sources. TLCprez.wps

The University of Illinois—Urbana-Champaign: A 9 page
paper discussing Illinois’ first state university. The school is
one that could be seen as a parent’s dream, yet enjoyable for the
students and truly important in the community. Employers also
see UIUC as a university of value, which further enhances its
value to students—UIUC can be valuable to them for their
entire lives, not for only their short college careers. The school
is research-oriented and its computer and engineering
departments are among the best in the country. It also offers
medical, verinary and law schools. Includes a one-page outline.
Bibliography lists 8 sources. KSUIUC.doc

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