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Large Model Theses and Dissertations
(Page 1)
Business Plans : A 45 page paper that discusses the
importance of business plans within the structures of existing
companies as well as a part of the process of developing a
company. This considers the impact of business plans on two
companies, with consideration of the popular literature on the
topic. These two businesses, one a large Hospital and the other
a small food-service business, both utilized thier business plans
in different ways. The Hospital utilized a business plan as part
of their process of planning determined by their need to consider
restructuring. The small business created a business plan as part
of their plannning for the company and presented this plan to
financial lenders in order to secure thier small business loan.

The Civil Rights Movement in America : A 50 page research
paper chronicling in great detail the modern civil rights
movement. The writer describes the historical and political
background that led to the formation of the African-American
civil rights movement in the 1950s and traces the movements
efforts. Bibilography lists 12+ sources. Civilri.wps

The Enneagram : 50 pages in length. A comprehensive,
analytical body of graduate level research / model thesis.
Subject explored is The Enneagram; a controversial; personality
test. Contains a comprehensive literature review building upto
supporting evidence through analysis of early theories posited
by Freud, Jung, Adler, and others. More than 30 scholarly
sources listed in bibliography. Ennegra.wps

Psychological Theories & Therapeutic Interventions in the
Narcissistic Disorders :
A 30 page paper that provides a
substantive overview of the major psychological theories
surrounding narcissism and reflects on the focus of
therapeutic interventions, the impact of the family, and other
elements that lead to the development of a narcissistic
personality. Bibliography lists 23 sources. Narciss.wps

Attachment Theory, Divorce & School Counseling :
A 60 page paper that provides an overview of the current literature,
and attempts to demonstrate the link between attachment theory
and divorce. This paper then uses the current literature to
discuss the implications for counseling. Bibliography lists 42
sources. Atchtheo.wps

Education and the Severely Emotionally Disturbed
Adolescents :
70 pages in length. Graduate level research /
Model Thesis. The Researcher's Personal Perspectives On And
Basis Of Her Personal Interest in Working With Seriously
Emotionally Disturbed Adolescents. Includes case studies and
diagnostic evaluation. Bibliography lists more than 50 cited
sources. Emotdist.wps

Improving Education through Learner-Based Education :
A 60 page research study that outlines the benefits of
learner-based educational programming when compared with
information-based or "old-school" curriculum. This paper
correlates the current literature to the findings of a research
study that outlines outcomes related to the two different
teaching styles. Bibliography lists 30 sources. Lrnrbase.wps

Teacher Stress & Crime : 55+ pages in length. An
advanced-level practicum proving a thesis predominately
dealing with crime in a specific urban area and that teachers and
administrators working in detention areas are very much at the
mercy of both the court system, the correctional guards, and the
detained students, etc. Please send e-mail requesting more
information. Crime.wps

The Gender Gap in Schools -- Does it Exist? :
A 25 page research paper which discusses the gender
inequality among male and female students. The paper
includes in-depth literature reviews and survey results.
A 25-question informal survey is also included with the
results thereof. An overview of student and teacher responses.
Bibliography lists 12 sources.  Genderga.wps

Male Self-esteem & The Gifted Student :
A 40 page thesis/practicum investigating the hypothesis
that male students exhibit reduced levels of self-esteem in the
gifted classroom environment. Solution strategies are
presented in full detail. Bibliography lists more than 30 sources.
Please write to us for more information. Gifted.wps

Computer Assisted Learning or Lecture Method / Creating
Effective Instruction for Nursing Students :
A 40 page paper
that provides an overview of the essential elements of both
lecture methods and computer assisted learning and then
supports the contention that computer assisted learning provides
a more applicable educational process for instructing nursing
students. Bibliography lists 75 sources. Complect.wps

Film As Poetry / The Work of Andrei Tarkovsky :
A 100 page research paper which argues that the films of director
Andrei Tarkovsky is best understood as visual poetry rather then
as films told in the usual narrative tradition. In order to
effectively argue this position, the writer first presents a history
of the cinema, a brief history of poetry, and a detailed look at
the career of Andrei Tarkovsky. Bibliography lists 22 sources.

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