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Papers On U.S. Presidential Studies (Page 1)
Office Of The Presidency : This 8 page paper examines the
presidential role in foreign affairs, particularly focusing on the
impact that World War I had on the office itself. The thesis is
that Woodrow Wilson's testing of limits during the war
provided a breeding ground for change in the presidency.
Several post war events are discussed, with an emphasis on
President Bush's utilization of power during the Gulf War.
Bibliography lists 4 sources. Prez.wps

The Power Of The President : A 5 page paper discussing
Presidential Power and the Modern Presidents, by Richard
Neustadt, and Hidden Hand Presidency: Eisenhower as
Leader, by Fred Greenstein, and how both of these works
demonstrate that the power the president holds is not always as
supreme as most think. The President of the United States is an
individual with the highest profile in the government but that
does not mean that he holds the power to make all decisions.
Both of the authors being examined illustrate this point from
different perspectives. No additional sources cited.

Trust in the Office of the Presidency : A 17 page research
paper which demonstrates how a particular research
hypothesis-that the public has lost their trust in the ethical
standards of those elected to high office, and particularly
towards the presidency of the United States, and have
developed a jaded attitude toward the subject of political
scandal-can be tested. The writer offers a sample fictitious
research study that can be used as guide. Bibliography lists 15
sources. Ofpresid.wps

A Letter to the President: Fear for the Future: A 7 page
paper discussing in the form of a letter the fear that because we
have no clue as to why the current and long period of
expansion has lasted so long or has taken the path that it has,
we also have no means either of recreating it should it end or
taking steps to ensure its continuation now. The economy of
the US currently is in the longest period of economic expansion
known. While growth has been encouraging, it is troubling to
know that even economists making macroeconomic analysis
their life’s work are unsure just what has brought about this
long period of growth interrupted by only the mildest of
“bumps.” Bibliography lists 4 sources. KSecon.rtf

United States Presidents’ Role In Guiding History : 5 pages
in length. There exist myriad significant entities that have
created America’s social, political and economic stronghold,
but there has been perhaps no greater force than that of political
leaders, particularly United States presidents. The notable
contributions made by past American commanders since the
turn of the century have had substantial influence upon the
direction in which history has been guided. The writer
discusses the impact U.S. presidents have had on history.
Bibliography lists 3 sources. Presrole.wps

Presidential Reconstruction / Congressional Plans:
1865-1877 :
3 pages in length. Defining the relationships that
existed between and among government, politics, democracy
and power in the mid-1800s was a task that drew its conclusion
upon a very fine line. Indeed, while all four of these entities
had something significant to do with one another, at the same
time they each possessed their own particular arrangement
within the wide and varied scheme of bureaucratic function.
The writer discusses the elements that played an integral role in
the modification of the presidential reconstruction.
Bibliography lists 4 sources. TLCprez.wps

Thomas Jefferson / The Man Who Changed The Destiny Of
Our Country :
An 8 page paper discussing Thomas Jefferson
and the country before, and during, the time of his election.
The Federalists had implemented Alien and Sedition Acts
which severely threatened the freedoms the people had fought
so hard for. While this was not the fault of President Adams, it
did occur during his term in office and illustrated to the people
that something needed to be done if they wished to see their
hopes and dreams prosper. The election of Jefferson illustrated
the people’s strength and helped turn the country down the true
path of freedom. Without the presence, and the ideals, of
Jefferson, this country would be no better off than other
countries that have no freedom. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

Fawn M. Brodie's “Thomas Jefferson : An Intimate
History” :
A 5 page analysis of “Thomas Jefferson: an
Intimate History” by Fawn M. Brodie. It has always seemed
contradictory that the man who wrote that "all men are created
equal" was a slave owner, and that it was rumored he had a
long-standing sexual relationship with one of his black slaves.
Brodie's work does an admirable job of reconciling these
discrepancies as she argues that Jefferson's actions made sense
in the context of his own time and were consistent with his own
philosophy. No additional sources cited. Fbrodie.wps

Accomplishments Of The Clinton Administration :
This 5 page report discusses the positive aspects of President
Bill Clinton’s Administration and outlines some of the many
accomplishments he and his administration have made in the
past six years. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Accoclin.wps

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