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Papers On Poetry (Page 1)
Poetry : 25 pages in length. Poetry is the expression of one's
very soul. It encompasses a great many emotions, feelings, and
desires that can range from one spectrum to the other. Often
represented in poetry are rage, love, happiness, sorrow and
despair. Poetry is an avenue for the author to release the inner
struggles that can be set free through no other means than verse.
It can be a catharsis to one's ailing heart as much as it can be a
conduit between two otherwise strangers. Poetry is as diverse a
means of communication as any medium, yet there are a vast
array of elements that make up this very unique and specialized
form of writing. The writer will address the many aspects of
poetry as they relate to creating the poem. Bibliography lists 11
sources. Poetry2.wps

What Is Poetry ? : 4 page paper that describes the essence and
development of poetry. This paper presents considerations in
regards to poetic themes, styles, and similar development that is
present in this vastly diverse literary format. The writer stresses
the concise nature of poetic structures and presents two poets,
Emily Dickinson and Ogden Nash, as examples of individuals
who both successfully display ‘poetic brevity.’ Bibliography
lists several sources. Poetry.wps

Edgar Allan Poe’s “Annabel Lee” : A 5 page paper that
provides an explication of Poe's poem, while also demonstrating
the way he utilizes form to support the themes of love and loss.
No additional sources cited. Poeann.wps

Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven” : A 7 page explication of
Edgar Allan Poe’s immortal poem. The paper shows how all the
poem’s elements -- rhyme, meter, word choice, imagery, and
metaphor -- all work together to create an atmosphere of doom.
Four sources including poem. Raven.wps

Edgar Allan Poe’s "The Haunted Palace” : In 6 pages, the
writer analyzes, "The Haunted Palace" by Edgar Allan Poe as a
poetic tragedy of grotesque implications. Bibliography lists 6
sources. Poeshau.wps

Edgar Allan Poe’s Poetry / Death and Sexuality : A 10 page
paper discussing the idea that the source of Poe’s morbid
imagination may have been the deaths of so many of his female
relatives and loved ones, and his inability to separate the
concept of “mothers” from “brides.” Bibliography lists 6
sources. Poelong.wps

Edgar Allan Poe’s Poetry / Influenced By The Death
Around Him :
This 6 page essay discusses how the deaths of
Poe's mother, stepmother, and wife affected him and were all
reflected in his poetry. Specific examples from "To Helen,"
"Annabel Lee," "The Raven," and "Lenore" are provided to
illustrate this thesis. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Poemothe.wps

Edgar Allan Poe / How His Life Is Reflected In His Works :
A 7 page paper on the personality of Edgar Allan Poe, and how
his life experiences fit into his work -- particularly his poems.
The writers argues that Poe’s obsession with death was simply
endemic in the young man’s disturbed personality, and his
writings are simply a reflection of an emotional problem he’d
always had. Bibliography lists five sources. Puzzlep.wps

Edgar Allan Poe’s Mysterious Death : 10 pages in length.
For nearly a century and a half, speculation has surrounded the
untimely death of Edgar allan poe. But now there is new
evidence suggesting he did not die drunk, but rather from
another malady entirely. The writer shows us how Poe's life,
full of sorrow and disappointment, may have ultimately lead to
his early demise. Poedie.wps

Edgar Allan Poe / Melancholy In His Poetry : A 5 page
paper discussing the evolution of melancholy in two of Poe’s
poems, The Raven, and Annabel Lee. Discusses Poe’s life, as
background to understanding his works. Bibliography lists 4
sources. Melpoe.wps

Emily Dickinson / Life & Works : A 10 page paper
discussing the life and works of this poet. Dickinson's favorite
themes and reclusive lifestyle are analyzed with relevance to
one another. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Emily.wps

Emily Dickinson’s Positive View Of Death : A 9 page paper
analyzing the aspects of Dickinson’s thought which may have
contributed to her unusually realistic and healthy view of death.
Five of Dickinson’s poems are discussed in considerable depth.
Bibliography lists 7 sources. Dickind.wps

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