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Papers on The Holocaust (Page 1)
Moral Indifference, The Holocaust & The Directive for
Genocide :
A 6 page paper supporting the thesis that
socialization and moral indifference have led to a lack of
concentration on the major elements that have underscored the
actions of leaders resulting in the Holocaust of Nazi Germany
as well as atrocities in Central America and Vietnam. The
writer supports the premise that it is possible for such conditions
to occur again unless actions are taken to prevent emerging
institutionalized complacency. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

The German Question : A 4 page paper that discusses the
relationship between the Third Reich and the Weimer
Democracy with today's European situation. The works of
Bracher, Dobkowski and Walliman, and Sweitzer are discussed
in light of the "big business" philosophies then and now, and the
remaining German question around a centralized and unified
Germany. Bibliography lists 5 bibliographical references.

Sociopolitical Causes Of The Holocaust : This 6 page report
provides a geopolitical analysis of pre-WWII Germany and the
factors that led to the Holocaust. What were the factors that led
to the mass consciousness bent on the annihilation of the Jewish
people and Hitler’s rise to power? Only the most brief
overview of one of the most horrendous events in history can be
contained in six pages. Holopa.wps

The Jews And The Poles: Defending Themselves Against
Extermination :
4 pages in length. In retrospect, was there any
action that could have been taken by either the Jews or the Poles
that would have materially affected the outcome of the final
solution in occupied Poland? Inasmuch as neither the Jews nor
the Poles were anywhere as military-savvy or desirous of war as
were the Germans, it can be argued that there was truly little
that could have been accomplished in order for these
populations to avert such a massacre. The writer discusses why
self-preservation was not a viable option for the Jews and the
Poles. Bibliography lists 4 sources. TLCjews.wps

Elie Wiesel/ Night : A 5 page analysis of Wiesel account of
life in a Nazi concentration camp. In Night, author Elie Wiesel
not only provides readers with a riveting, if horrific, tale of life
in a Nazi concentration, but he also provides an inspiring tale
that demonstrates the tenacity of human spirit and the wonderful
capacity of the human soul to preserver. No additional sources
cited. 99night.wps

Eli Wiesel's "Night" : 6 pages in length. The primary theme
of Eli Wiesel's "Night" revolves around the author's objective to
keep the image of the Holocaust clearly and painfully etched in
everyone's mind so as not to forget the hideous events of such
an inhumane period. The manner in which Wiesel's story serves
to address the concepts of anti-Semitism, prejudice, racism is to
demonstrate how humanity can quite easily become its own
worst enemy when people allow untruths to cloud their
perception. Indeed, as a survivor of the Holocaust himself,
Wiesel is able to transcend the inherent barriers that sometimes
come between image and word in order to deliver a vision of
consequence and elimination. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

Andre Trocme and the Heroic People of Le Chambon :
A five page paper on this brave French Protestant pastor who led
his entire village in opposing the Nazi-led Vichy government of
France, and in the process saved thousand of Jews from death;
this story is detailed in Philip Hallie’s “Lest Innocent Blood be
Shed.” The paper debates whether Trocme’s actions were
humanitarian or religious, and concludes that they were
religious because he saw Christ in the victimization of the
innocent Jews. Bibliography lists two sources. KBhallie.wps

The Nazi Death Camps : An 8 page overview of the atrocities
of the Nazi Death Camps of World War II. Provides a factual
account of the horrors of the camps and concludes that even
though movies like “Schindler’s List” and accounts like “The
Diary of Anne Frank” give one some appreciation of all that
occurred, nothing could possibly replicate the experience of
having been there. Bibliography lists 10 sources. PPnazi.wps

Nazi Warfare / Determining When The Nazi Program Was
Conceived :
4 pages in length. The writer discusses how
historians might find it difficult to accurately establish the
conception of the Nazi Program. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

Primo Levi/Survival in Auschwitz : A 6 page analysis of the
Primo Levi's autobiographical account of his experience at
Auschwitz. With the calm voice of witness, Levi relates what
surviving Nazi oppression was like for the inmates of
Auschwitz. Also, the writer speculates on how the Holocaust
fits into the overall scheme of Western civilization. No
additional sources cited. 99levi.wps

Germany Since Re-Unification : A 5 page paper on problems
that have occurred in Germany since its reunification in the
early 90's. Specifically examined is a relevant speech which
provides reason to fear Germany's aggressive role within the
New World Order. Reference is made to the rise of the Third
Reich in pre-World War II days and the possibility of a
re-occurrence. Bibliography lists 4 supporting sources.

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