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Papers On Mathematics  (Page 1)
History Of The Abacus / From West To East & Beyond :
A 15 page paper that provides an overview of the history and
development of the abacus. The report essentially compares the
Chinese, Roman, Greek, Russian and Indian counting methods
utilizing similar instruments. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

Benefits Of Computer-Taught Math Over Standard
Textbook Practices :
A 10 page study that provides support
for the hypothesis that computer taught math provides
significant beneficial outcomes for learners in terms of test
scores. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Mtcomp.wps

Differential Equations : An 18 page research paper on every
available aspect of differential equations including Laplace
Transforms and much more. A number of graphical illustrations
are provided and the bibliography lists more than 8 sources.

Linear Algebra : A 15 page research paper on various
concepts in linear algebra. The writer details multivariables,
vectors, determinants, gaussian elimination, and other elements
of linear algebra. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Linalgeb.wps

The Derivative In Average & Instantaneous Velocity :
A 5 page paper explaining both average and instantaneous
velocities. The writer demonstrates the relationship between the
derivative and these primary functions. Bibliography lists 4
sources. Velocity.wps

Squaring the Circle : This 15 page paper considers the
problem of squaring the circle, one of the fundamental issues in
geometry, and determines the history of the subject and how it
has been addressed since ancient Greece. This paper gives
methods for trying to achieve the square of a circle and then
goes on to suggest modern theories of its application and the
development of other mathematical elements that were shaped
from this process. Bibliography lists 5 sources. MHcircle.wps

Graph Theory : A 6 page overview of the mathematical
discipline of graph theory. As a field of study, graph theory has
nothing at all to do with what most people normally associate
with the word “graph,” and is a specialized field. Applications
range from analyzing children’s games to finding the furthest
stretch of graph theory principles. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

Number Theory / Chaos Theory : A 10 page paper that
presents the basics of chaos theory, including mathematical
information in a historical context (theorists). The paper covers
Lorenz, Ruelle and Takens, Benoit Mandelbrot, Einstein, Shaw
and the Santa Cruz collaborative, and modern submissions. The
paper concludes with a look at the possibilities of application of
chaos theory to neural nets. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

Cryptology, Cryptography and Electronic Security :
A 10 page research paper describing cryptology. Simply put,
cryptology is a part of the larger classification of number
theory, and provides the mathematical foundation upon which
the science of cryptography is built. Cryptography is high-level
encryption science used primarily to ensure privacy in our
increasingly electronic age. Electronic messages, personal data,
governmental security issues and secret industrial work are all
appropriate candidates for encrypting, and all routinely are in
some form or another when based in electronic media.
Bibliography lists 7 sources. Crypto.wps

Cryptography & The Issue Of Internet Security : A 5 page
overview of the importance of Internet users being able to
depend on the safety and security of the information they both
transmit and receive. Discusses cryptography as a workable
solution to the problem of Internet security and contrasts it to
the less effective TCP/IP. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Algorithm Basics : A 10 page research paper exploring the
basics of algorithms and data structures in relationship to
queues, data types, trees, hashing, heaps, graphing and design.
Bibliography lists 11 sources. Algbas.wps

Fear of Mathematics (Math Anxiety) : 9 pages in length.
A comprehensive look at the problem of "math anxiety" and
numerous studies that have attempted to help improve our
understanding of its treatment. Among other things, the writer
discusses how to quantitatively assess Math Anxiety and
concludes with recommendations for helping young children
who suffer from it. Bibliography lists 20+ sources.

Gender and the Capacity for Learning Mathematics :
An in-depth, 20 page research paper in which the writer seeks to
determine whether which sex is more apt to have problems
grasping math concepts at an early age. Report contains
analysis, methodology, discussion, etc; Numerous studies are
cited and it is found that while girls generally perform better,
they are more likely to avoid harder levels of math than are their
male counterparts. Standard bibliography lists 20+ sources and
a FREE annotated ("working") bibliography is included !

Cameras / Focal Points, Aperture & Other Mathematical
Concepts :
A 9 page outline of the underlying concepts of
photography and their relation to mathematics. Includes
information about different camera types. Emphasizes
methodology for the determination of focal length.
Bibliography lists eight sources. Caminfo.wps

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