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Papers on Israel and The Middle East (Page 1)
Modern Middle East History : In 5 pages the author
discusses modern Middle Eastern history. " Two major turning
points in the history of the Middle East were the sixteenth
century and the First World War. Westernization changed the
Middle Eastern concept of ships, and military armaments."
Bibliography lists 4 sources. Modhist.wps

How Advances in Military Technology Affected the
Organization of Society in the Pre-Modern, Early Modern,
& Modern Middle East :
In 5 pages the author discusses how
advances in military affected the organization of society in the
pre-modern, early modern, and modern middle east. "Advances
in military technology have affected the society in pre-modern,
early modern and modern Middle East. The people there have
been through many battles. They were battles for boundaries,
battles for freedom, and battles over religion. Military
advancement has played an important part in the history of the
Middle East." Bibliography lists 4 sources. Mideast2.wps

The Middle East Today : A 6 page paper discussing the
changes that have occurred in the Middle East in the past few
decades as a result of the global economy and other outside
influences. There has really been little in the way of foreign
influence in the Middle East. The majority of the changes that
have occurred in the Middle East have been a result of politics
and war. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Mideast4.wps

Differences in Social and Economic Life in Middle East
During Ninth & Nineteenth Centuries :
A 5 page paper
detailing how social and economic life in the nineteenth century
Middle East differed from the economy and society
one-thousand years earlier. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

Business and Economy in Oman : A 10 page paper
discussing the economy-building activities of one of the Gulf
states. The Sultanate of Oman is a small country nearly
equating in land mass to the US state of Kansas, bordering
Saudi Arabia on the East. Sultan Qaboos bin Said determined
shortly after coming to power in 1970 that Oman's best interests
were not served by being fully dependent on oil for its national
income. The Sultan stresses private sector development and
self-reliance, encouraging the people to be self-sufficient so that
the nation can be as well. The nation is fully open to foreign
investment, development of local non-oil industry and
privatization of public holdings. Noted for its traditions of
fairness and political stability, Oman provides conditions
favorable for both international and domestic economic
development. Bibliography lists 9 sources. KSoman.doc

The Need for Economic Diversity in Oman Goes Hand in
Hand With Attracting Tourists to Her Diverse
Environmental and Archeological Resources :
A 9 page
overview of the importance of economic diversification in
Oman. Stresses that a move away from an oil-based economy
is critical if Oman is to survive. Provides suggestions for
alternative economic activities including increased foreign
investments and tourism. Each of these pursuits can accomplish
another purpose in Oman as well, the protection of her
environmental and archaeological resources. Bibliography lists
9 sources. PPoman.wps

Belly Dancing in the Middle East : A 5 page paper on belly
dancing and its importance to the Middle East cultures. It has
traditionally been used in weddings where the dancer is believed
to bless the wedding, taking the bride on a symbolic journey
from girlhood to womanhood where her sexuality is released. It
is also compared with some forms of dance in the United States,
other than belly dancing itself. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Arabian Women / Overcoming Traditional Barriers :
A 5 page discussion of how women in the Middle East are finally
beginning to transcend cultural restrictions and acquire rights
that they never had before. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

Arab-Israeli Relations / A Modern History :
In this comprehensive 12 page essay, the writer provides
an overview of tensions existing from 1948 to the present.
Covered are Zionism, the formation of Israel, the first
Palestine War, the Suez-Sinai War, the October War of 1973,
Infitada, and a number of other key events. Bibliography
lists 6 sources. Israrab.wps

Arab-Isreali Conflicts : This 5 page paper presents a
comparison of the third and fourth Arab-Isreali Wars, also
known as the Six-Day War and Yom Kippur War respectively.
Each battle is detailed and origins of each conflict as well as
results are presented. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

The Arab Empire : An 8 page look at the Arab Peninsula. The
Arab Peninsula is described as it was before Islamic rule. This
is followed by a section discussing the existence of Muhammad
and the changes that occurred because of him. The last section
deals with the expansion and development that the Arab nation
has experienced, especially in the last decade. The essential
truth behind the information provided is that the Arab
Peninsula-and surrounding areas- has been, and continues to be,
one of the most powerful and influential nations in existence.
Bibliography lists 6 sources. Arabemp.wps

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