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Papers On Global & Comparative Politics and
World Affairs (Page 1)
The Everyday Effects of the International Marketplace :
A 5 page research paper on how the global economy affects
Americans every day. The writer details job loss, changes in
industries, political implications, and what consumer goods are
available. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Intnlmkt.wps

A New, Unified Global Economy ? : A 5 page paper refuting
the central ideas behind a "World Unified Currency" plan
(W.U.C.). The writer describes the economic problems that
would result from countries being able to choose their own
exchange rate, troubles experienced by private industry, the
destruction of capitalism, and more. It is concluded that as
difficult as it may be, the world must accept the fact that some
nations will succeed where others will not. The ceilings
imposed by a W.U.C. plan are counter-productive and do not
effectively promote the competitive efforts upon which the
world economy is built. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

Environmental Issues & The Problem Of A World Food
Shortage :
A 5 page paper on environmental issues leading to
a world food shortage. High-yield crop varieties, the use of
pesticides & fertilizers, and the plight of rain forests, wetlands,
and montane ecosystems, are among the many problems
described. The role of overpopulation is factored into the
discussion. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Worldfoo.wps

The Social, Political, Technological, Environmental, &
Economic Circumstances of the Global Human
Population :
In 8 pages the author discusses the social,
political, technological, envrironmental, and economic
circumstances of the global human population. The author
concludes that "the global human population is fast growing as
a crux for a multitude of possible problems. Along with people
there always comes problems. Those problems can be social,
political, technological, environmental, and economic. The
earth is not going to grow any larger to accommodate the
people. Cities and towns will merge and become one
metropolis of human flesh in which homelessness and crime
abound. A non-sustainable future is the future of the world,
unless something is done immediately." Bibliography lists 9
sources. Popglob.wps

Controlling Overpopulation / Problems & Solutions :
A 7 page research paper on issues concerning the threat of
overpopulation. The writer discusses some of the health &
nutrition problems posed by there being too many people in the
world etc; Also examined are the ethical & moral concerns of
certain measures such as mandated abortions vs. women's
rights... Both sides of the "population control" argument are
assessed .. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Overpop.wps

The Population Explosion Of The 20th Century / What
Will Be Its Outcome ? :
In 5 pages the author discusses the
population explosion that has become rampant in the world,
and the possible outcome of the population explosion.
Bibliography lists 7 sources. Popexplo.wps

Population Explosion of the 20th Century and its Effect on
a Sustainable Future :
In 5 pages the author discusses the
population explosion and its effect on a sustainable future. The
population explosion that has occurred in the 20th century is
astounding. If the population continues to increase at the
present rate as projected, something will have to be done about
the number of people on the planet in order to have a
sustainable future on Earth. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

Overpopulation On The Nile Delta : A 5 page essay
comparing two articles on the Nile Delta, one from the
National Geographic and one from The Economist. Each
article focuses on the overpopulation and water shortage in the
region, one from a humanistic viewpoint, the other from a
data-orientation. The two sources are cited. Niled.wps

Sociological Aspects of 3rd World Poverty : A 10 page
paper on how the world in light of shared technology and new
democracies has caused alarm for peoples in third world
countries, whose natural and human resources have been
utilized in the past by first world countries to maintain
economic superiority. This has special significance to
countries with widely dispersed forms of government and large
uneducated populaces. Many sociological theories behind
poverty and its relationship to capitalism/nationalism are being
debated in light of efforts by third world countries, including
older theories, such as dependency, and newer theories based in
theological, historiographical and entrepreneurial relationships
to the sociological question. FREE outline included,
Bibliography lists 10 sources. 3rdwpov.wps

The Ongoing Fight for Independence : A 4 page research
paper on the effects of seceding territories from a country.
Detailed background information on Tibet and Quebec are used
to compare and contrast the differences between the democratic
and communistic reponses. Bibliography listing five sources is
included. Indpend.wps Canada

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