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Papers on Ethics and Ethical Theories
(Page 1)
The Concept Of Ethical Relativism & Ethical Objectivism :
5 pages in length. There exist a great many philosophies by
which people live their lives. These philosophies help maintain
order and a sense of direction that otherwise would merely drift
in subconscious thought. Two of these fundamental principles
are ethical relativism and ethical objectivism, which provide the
concepts of how people incorporate ethical occurrences
throughout their daily existence. One who has addressed these
concepts is John L. Mackie, a philosopher who has brought to
bear his interpretation of the argument from relativity and the
argument from objectivity. The writer discusses ethical
relativism and objectivism as they relate to philosophy.
Bibliography lists 2 sources. Relobj.wps

Morality : The subject of morality is addressed in this 6 page
paper. Philosophers such as Kant and Epictetus are recognized
as well as more contemporary views such as those of Carol
Gilligan. The reason why man should behave morally is derived
after looking at two basic divisions in thought. The concept of
utilitarianism, and its applicability to the discussion, is included
as well. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Morality.wps

Nietzsche and the Question of Morality : A 10 page
examination of the question of the need for man’s morality as
supported by Nietzsche, a German philosopher most often
known for what is perceived as his opposition to morality.
Concludes that Nietzsche’s work actually supports rather than
denounces the need for morality. Bibliography lists seven
sources. Moral.wps

Nietzsche’s “The Genealogy Of Morals” / Democratic
Prejudice of the Modern Age :
This 5 page research paper
examines the term "democratic prejudice" which is used by
Friedrich Nietzsche in his 1887 treatise, The Genealogy of
Morals. Specifically discussed are the concepts of master and
slave; good and evil; and how language has been used to
perpetuate prejudice throughout history. Bibliography lists 1
source. Demmod.wps

Nietzsche’s “The Genealogy Of Morals” : This 5 page paper
analyzes the slave/master paradigm as contained in the first
essay of this work. A discussion of how it relates to various
relationships throughout history is included. No additional
sources cited. Geneal.wps

Nietzsche’s “The Genealogy Of Morals” # 2 : A 5 page essay
summarizing and analyzing this work by Nietzsche, including
his descriptions of good/evil vs. good/bad, the conscience,
punishment and guilt. Nietzsche.wps

Nietzsche’s “The Genealogy Of Morals” # 3 : This 5 page
paper analyzes the third essay of the popular work. The essay
addresses a variety of issues, including mental illness and
religion, but the primary focus is on asceticism. No additional
sources cited. Moralg.wps

Nietzsche And Christianity : In the third essay in the
Genealogy of Morals, Friedrich Nietzsche presents a discourse
on Christianity. In his words: "When one looks for the
beginnings of Christianity in the Roman world, one finds
associations for mutual aid, associations for the poor, for the
sick, for burial, evolved among the lowest strata of society, in
which this major remedy for depression, petty pleasure by
mutual helpfulness, was consciously employed: perhaps this
was something new in those days, a real discovery? This 4
page paper examines Nietzsche's views on Christianity. No
additional sources are listed. KTnetzch.wps

Friedrich Nietzsche and the Origins of Christianity : This 5
page report discusses Nietzsche and his views about Christianity
and its origins. Nietzsche was adamant in his assertions that
Christianity was at the core of humanity’s lack of individualism
and blind willingness to be part of what he referred to as “the
herd.” Bibliography lists 2 sources. BWniet.wps

Friedrich Nietzsche and Plato : This 5 page report discusses
Nietzsche’s criticisms of Plato and then what Plato’s reaction
would be to Nietzsche’s theories and beliefs. Plato believes that
good is an absolute. There is one vision or one conceptually
agreed upon consciousness of good and it is applicable for all
people regardless of circumstance. In contrast, Nietzsche
believes in the relative nature of good. Bibliography lists 5
sources. BWniplat.wps

Nietzsche And Plato : The tenets of Christianity have been
built on a foundation derived, to a large part, from the
philosophies of Plato. Nietzsche was vehemently opposed to
Christianity, and by extension, to Plato's most basic of ideas.
He thought that the emphasis on the transcendental nature
depreciated the value of corporeal life and the innate potentials
of man. Plato felt that the striving for perfection in man was
directly attributable to the a priori nature of both ideas and
moral 'good'. This 4 page paper sets the two philosophers and
their philosophies in debate. Bibliography lists 6 sources.


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