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Papers on Ecology & The Environment
(Page 1)
Modern Society’s Contempt for the Natural World : This 5
page report discusses the ways in which contemporary society
has evolved to have an attitude of contempt regarding the
natural world. The writer argues that such an attitude is the
basis for adverse conditions now faced by humanity.
Bibliography lists 5 sources. Conature.wps

History of American Environmentalism : In Forcing the
Spring, Robert Gottlieb offers a biased history of American
environmentalism that focuses on the need to change from
conservation and preservation of natural resources and
wildlands to increased efforts in the direction of a more "grass
roots" organization that takes into consideration the
humanitarian concerns embedded within the environmental
movement. State of the World: 1999, the Worldwatch
Institute's 16th annual report on "progress toward a sustainable
society," begins where Gottlieb leaves off, that is, with a
prescription for a sustainable economy. The primary
components of the model are subsidy reform, tax reform,
regulatory reform, global cooperation, industrial innovation,
and grassroots support. This 5 page paper examines the two
viewpoints and concludes with the argument that
de-centralization is at the mercy of the centralized
organizations already in place and even more at the mercy of
the governmental forces. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

Land Developers Vs. Environmentalists : 15 pages in length.
For as long as there has been land to exploit, there has also
been a war raging between the developers and the
environmentalists. Indeed, the battle that exists is one that
claims to benefit both sides of the issue: the developers for the
people and the environmentalists for the land and its resources.
While each party believes what they are doing is the right
thing, they unquestionably clash when it comes to their overall
purpose. The writer discusses the ongoing battle between
environmentalists and land developers. Bibliography lists 9
sources. TLCland.wps

Air Pollution : A 6 page paper presenting a general overview
of air pollution. Causes and effects are discussed both in
laymen's terms and with some chemical references.
Bibliography contains 4 sources. Airpollu.wps

Air Pollution # 2 : A 6 page paper on this environmental
problem. Causes of pollution in the atmoshere as well as
possible solutions are explored. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

Air Pollution / Facts, Figures And Politics : An 11 page
overview of the Clean Air Act and other local policies and
legislation and their application. Concludes that these efforts
have been positive and cost effective. Bibliography lists 11
sources. AirPoll3.wps

The Health Effects of Air Pollution : An 8 page review of
the health impacts of air pollution. Discusses the major
pollutants such as carbon monoxide, particulates, and ozone
and describes their physiological effects on the human body.
Provides an outline of the effects of air pollution on respiration,
the incidence of cancer and neonatal and infant mortality.
Includes a 1 page Roman numeral outline. Bibliography lists
11 sources. PPairHlt.wps

Human Habitations' Contribution to Pollution : This 12
page report discusses the contribution made by humans and
their habitats to the growth of pollution and the depletion of the
earth's natural resources. The past several decades have shown
that there is considerable evidence that science and technology
can create more efficient ways to coexist with nature and
actually reduce environmental degradation. However, there
must always be a concern that enough is truly being done.
Improvement over the past means little if the natural resources
of the planet continue to be depleted. Bibliography lists 8
sources. BWhabpol.wps

Human Habitation and Acid Rain : This 12 page report
discusses the correlation between human habitation and the
development of acid rain. Acid rain is defined as any form of
wet precipitation that has a pH less than 5.6 (on a scale of 0 to
14, with 7 being neutral). The "rain" becomes acidic when
water molecules react with gases in the air. The acidic
compounds that are the result of sulfur dioxide and oxides of
nitrogen react in the atmosphere with water, oxygen, fall to the
earth in either wet form (such as rain, snow, and fog or dry
form (such as gas and particles). Winds blow such particles and
gases onto all types of human and natural structures.
Bibliography lists 10 sources. BWacid.wps

Environmental Law : 8 pages in length. The environment has
been in trouble for a long time. Decades and decades of
misuse, exploitation and degradation have placed a tremendous
burden upon the land to the point where humanity is having to
scramble to preserve what is left. Re-establishing what has
already been destroyed, as well as protecting what still exists,
is what environmentalist and government agencies are working
feverishly to achieve. With the support of environmental law,
significant trends have been established to rectify damage
already done and prevent any further from occurring. The
writer discusses environmental law as it relates to the Clean Air
Act of 1963 and the National Environmental Policy Act of
1969. Bibliography lists 8 sources. EnvLaw2.wps

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