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Papers on Culinary Science, Cuisine,
and Cooking
Culinary World as Status Symbol : A 4 page paper on how
restaurants around the world and through time have stood as
status symbols for social interactions and interpersonal identity.
Particularly addressed are celeb restaurants which provide their
patrons with a various set of identities related to social status.
Bibliography lists 6 sources. Culicult.doc

Determining Yuppie Cuisine : A 4 page paper that addresses
the diversity of yuppie tastes in the culinary scene and describes
why it is impossible to define a cuisine for yuppies, except that
it includes everything. The paper posits that this is true because
yuppies are investigative and supportive of diverse cultures.
Bibliography lists 5 sources. Yuppies.wps

The History of Breadmaking in New York : A 5 page
overview of the history of breadmaking in New York. Traces
the production of bread from the Native Americans to the white
settlers. Discusses the process of commercialization and
industrialization and its effects on bread. Bibliography lists 5
sources. PPbread.wps

How to Make a Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich : A 3 page
paper that gives step-by-step instructions on how to make a
peanut butter and jelly sandwich. No Bibliography. Pandj.wps

Preparation Methods of Japanese Vegetables : This 5 page
overview provides useful information on the preparation of
traditional Japanese vegetable dishes. Methods for cooking
shiitake mushrooms, tempura, and ways of creating authentic
salads and salad dressings are included. Bibliography lists 4
sources. Japveg.wps

Food Fusion / Comparison Of Common Cuisine Across
Two Cultures :
Vietnamese and Turkish cuisine is discussed in
the context of food fusion, a term used to describe the trend of
combining foods from more than one culture. Bibliography lists
11 sources in this 15 page paper. Vietturk.wps

Cooking Peruvian Style : This 7 page paper discusses
ingredients commonly used to create authentic Peruvian fare.
Availability of ingredients, particularly to create ceviche dishes,
is highlighted. Also addressed are health concerns regarding the
consumption of raw fish. Recommendations by scientists are
noted. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Peruvi.wps

Continental Cuisine / Food In Italy : In Italy, the basic food
is pasta - many, many varieties of pasta served with almost as
many kinds of sauce. Meals are made up of many courses:
pasta and sauce, soup, vegetables and meat. Wine is often
served with the meal. Like many Americans, Italians are relying
more and more on the food industry to provide the packaged
food that has replaced homemade and fresh from the farm. This
5 page paper examines Italy and it's food from the standpoint of
the influence the Italian culture has had on the American
definition of Italian cuisine. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

Cuts of and Fixins for Beef : A 4 page essay on how the
various cuts of beef are generally prepared. The paper posits
that, although the use of beef has dropped, it is still popular and
international. Recipes referenced include terriyaki stirfry, beef
bourginnone, hamburgers, pot roast and goulash. Bibliography
lists 6 sources. Beef.doc

Why We Eat Certain Foods : 8 pages in length. Using
information from a documented Household Expenditure
Survey, this paper attempts to analyze,-- mostly from a
socioeconomic perspective, why we eat the foods we do. (i.e.,
lower classes consume more junk food, etc;) Bibliography lists
4 sources. Foodwhy.wps

Business Plan for a Start-Up Soul Food Restaurant : A 10
page business plan detailing the proposed business and its
downtown Chicago location, the available market, market
analysis, keys to success, the company summary, the
company’s location and facilities and business description. The
financials include a balance sheet, a 9-month cash flow forecast
and a break even sales analysis. Soulfood.wps

Opening A Pizzeria : The restaurant industry is the focus of
this 5 page paper on how to compete in the pizza business. A
basic pizza recipe is included plus hints to make creative
choices in this competitive enterprise. Bibliography lists 5

Mercury / The History, Use & Effects On Seafood : A 6
page paper that provides a comprehensive overview of the
impacts of mercury and relates elements like the industrial and
consumer use as well as the toxicology reports about mercury
levels in seafood. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Mercury.wps

Coffee & Its Industry : A 5 page essay on the world-famous
aromatic brew from the coffee bean which includes an analysis
of the fluctuating coffee prices of 1997 and the history behind
the beverage. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Coffee.rtf

Herbs and Spices : A 5 page paper which discusses some
herbs and spices in relationship to their various uses and their
history. The predominant focus of the paper is on uses of herbs
and spices in cooking. There are thousands of different spices
and herbs on the market today, and also some which aren’t but
can be grown at home. The herbs and spices discussed herein
are thyme, oregano, mint, lovage, basil, sage, cinnamon, and
pepper. Bibliography lists 5 sources. RAherbs.wps

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