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Research papers - Anthropology topics

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Papers on Anthropology / All Issues (Page 1)
Bipedal Locomotion In Australopithecus Afarensis / A
Study of Lucy and Lovejoy :
A 7 page paper that provides
an overview of the theories surrounding bipedalism and the
benefits for Australopithecus afarensis, the ancestral
hominids of the African savanna. This paper looks at the
perspectives of Edey, Johanson, Lovejoy and a number of
other major anthropologists. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

A Qualitative Analysis of the Social Environment at a
McDonald’s :
5 pages in length. The writer analytically
discusses the social environment and atmosphere in a typical
Mc Donald’s fast food restaurant. Qualitative research on
social environments is included as well. Bibliography lists 1
source. Qualanal.wps

Observations In Cultural Anthropology : An excellent 6
page essay for those studying anthropology or certain areas
of sociology. Author illustratively describes pertinent
observations made about people in a Brooklyn, NYC
pizzeria and the surrounding events that transpired. Several
quotes are used from observed conversations. No
bibliography. Anthr.wps

Cultural Anthropology / Religion & Art : A 7 page paper on
how art and religion have been blended throughout known
history and how this applies to cultural anthropology. The
paper discusses how religion and art are means of
expressing cultural beliefs, means of teaching societal
norms, and means of progressing society. The writer argues
that cultural variation/progression impacts the evolutionary
scheme as imperatively as biological variation. Bibliography
lists 4 sources. Cultant.wps

Cultural Differences / Seeing the World Through the Eyes
of Others :
A 5 page examination of the experiences one
typically encounters when entering a different culture.
Discusses problems such as the language barrier, food
differences, dress, etc. Includes a humorous example of
differences one can experience even within a small
geographic area. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Cultdiff.wps

Understanding Deviance From an Anthropological
Perspective :
A 4 page analysis of the book Deviance:
Anthropological Perspectives, Freilich, M.; Raybeck D.;
Savishinsky, J., editors. The writer argues that this field of
investigation has been greatly aided by the introduction of
an anthropological point of view to what had previously
been a field dominated by a sociological perspective. The
nature of deviance is discussed within the context of various
cultures. Bibliography lists 1 source. Devianth.wps

The Sociological Theory of Deviance is Used to
Describe/Explain Gangs :
In 5 pages, the sociological
theory of deviance is used to describe/explain gangs. An
overview of approaches explains deviant behavior of gangs.
In fact, there are many criminological and sociological
theories associated with gang activity. The sociological
theories fall under the umbrella of the theory of deviance.
The sociological theory of deviance includes anomie,
differential association, social control theory, and labeling
theory, among others. Gangs are the typical example of
deviant behavior. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

Settlement Mounds, Tells And Tepes : A 7 page overview
of the formation of settlement mounds such as those found
in the Mid East and the Americas constructed by aboriginal
inhabitants. Discusses the mechanics of their structure and
the changes which they experience over time. Bibliography
lists 10 sources. Mounds.wps

The American Jewish Experience : It is a fundamental
aspect of New York life that there are enclaves of different
social and class distinctions that have grown from the need
of sets of immigrants to come together in a cohesive
community to support and provide each other with a sense
of stability and coherence. This 6 page paper examines the
unique position of the Jewish immigrant to New York in the
early twentieth century. It looks at the rift in the community
that was described geographically but was based on
socio-economic factors and rooted in cultural beliefs. The
political organizations of the Zionist and Labor Movements
are also explored. No bibliography provided. Amjewex.wps

Sociology, Culture, & Learning -- A Theoretical
Examination :
A 5 page essay exploring specific
sociological issues: social factors involved in learning; how
social structure creates social order in a culture; how social
structure and culture have changed over the last 50 years.
Theories are offered in terms of learning as a social act.
Social order is explained. Bibliography is included.

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