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Research papers - animal rights / zoology

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Papers on Animal Rights & Zoology (Page 1)
Animal Rights Issues : 6 pages in length. The issues that
surround animal rights are both broad and complex; not only
do they address the primal mistreatment of those from the
animal kingdom, but they also appeal to man's inability to
recognize the sentience of any creature other than himself.
The writer discusses various issues of animal rights as they
are reflected in an associated article, as well as offers a
summary and critical analysis of the article. No
bibliography. TLCAnRit.wps

Consciousness In Animals : 20 pages in length. When one
considers the concept of consciousness, it is with great
hesitation that its traits are attributed to those who represent
the animal kingdom. However, what mankind has typically
done is employ the human form of consciousness when
applying it to animals, making it quite difficult for them to
meet up to such an adaptation. Indeed, while animals may
not possess the prerequisites for human consciousness,
which not only include awareness of external events or
phenomena, but also of one's own feelings, beliefs, and
mental events, they do harbor their own form of
consciousness that often transcends mankind's reality-based
existence. That humans are able to reason and communicate
through spoken language does in no way preclude the rest
of the animal kingdom from also inherently possessing a
distinct and definite consciousness; just because man
believes that he is the only species to maintain a state of
consciousness is no proof that it does not exist elsewhere.
The writer defends the position of consciousness in animals.
Bibliography lists 16 sources. TLCAnmal.wps

The History of the Florida Panther : A 14 page paper that
provides an overview of the history of the Florida panther.
This paper looks at the social and political issues relative to
the decline in panther populations in Florida and outlines
current means for reintroduction and habitat preservation
options. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Panther.wps

Tigers / Endangered Species Or Prolific Predator : A 5
page paper that considers the two differing perspectives on
tigers that have been argued during the call to place them on
the endangered species list. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

Wild Boar Habitation & Mount Diablo California : A 7
page paper that presents the issues of wild boar habitation
on the Diablo Range, especially Mount Diablo, in central
California. This paper presents the issues relative to
vegetation destruction caused by the wild boar and suggests
a number of ways in which to address these issues to
support environmental efficacy. Bibliography lists 5
sources. Wildboar.wps

History of American Environmentalism: In Forcing the
Spring, Robert Gottlieb offers a biased history of American
environmentalism that focuses on the need to change from
conservation and preservation of natural resources and
wildlands to increased efforts in the direction of a more
"grass roots" organization that takes into consideration the
humanitarian concerns embedded within the environmental
movement. State of the World: 1999, the Worldwatch
Institute's 16th annual report on "progress toward a
sustainable society," begins where Gottlieb leaves off, that
is, with a prescription for a sustainable economy. The
primary components of the model are subsidy reform, tax
reform, regulatory reform, global cooperation, industrial
innovation, and grassroots support. This 5 page paper
examines the two viewpoints and concludes with the
argument that de-centralization is at the mercy of the
centralized organizations already in place and even more at
the mercy of the governmental forces. Bibliography lists 2
sources. KTenviro.wps

Land Developers Vs. Environmentalists : 15 pages in length.
For as long as there has been land to exploit, there has also
been a war raging between the developers and the
environmentalists. Indeed, the battle that exists is one that
claims to benefit both sides of the issue: the developers for
the people and the environmentalists for the land and its
resources. While each party believes what they are doing is
the right thing, they unquestionably clash when it comes to
their overall purpose. The writer discusses the ongoing
battle between environmentalists and land developers.
Bibliography lists 9 sources. TLCland.wps

Whale Conservation : A 12 page paper describing the plight
of the whales at the hands of humans. The writer describes
the history of whaling, why it is important to conserve
whales, and other human threats to whales. Bibliography
lists 10 sources. Whales.wps

Can The Whales Be Saved? : A 7 page paper discussing the
environmental impact of whaling. Bibliography lists 16
sources. Whaleenv.wps

International Whaling Issues : This 3 page paper examines
the issue of international whaling practices, the regulations,
as well as the impact on several nations throughout the
world. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Whaleint.doc

Whaling/The Recent Controversy : An 8 page research
paper that examines the current controversy that has arisen
over whaling. In recent years, some species of whales have
been taken off the endangered species list, and this has, once
more, caused a resurgence of interest in commercial
whaling. The writer examines both sides of the volatile
issue. Bibliography lists 6 sources. 99whales.wps

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