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Research Papers : Africa / The Continent

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Papers on Africa - Her Countries, Culture,
History & Politics (Page 1)
Africa / A Continental Overview : A 6 page essay providing
an overview of the continent’s history, geography, religion
and art. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Afrpor.wps

Colonialism in Africa : A 4 page paper discussing the book,
“African Perspective on Colonialism,” by A. Adu Boahen.
In this book we get a very unique view of the circumstances
that existed during history in regards to colonial Africa.
While numerous books illustrate the European view point
and still numerous others address the African perspective,
Boahen’s book in illustrating the African viewpoint, also
brings into account the European perspective in a way that
bridges gaps yet remains true to the African people. An
interesting aspect of the book which addresses the effects of
colonialism in Africa ventures to examine what Africa may
well have been like today, had the colonization never taken
place. An interesting book that gives the reader yet another
perspective of the colonization of Africa. No additional
sources cited. Afrcol.wps

Changes In South Africa / Coming Of The White Man :
A 4 page paper analyzing the influences of imperialism on
South Africa from 1870-1936. The author presents the
social and individual impact of colonization of South Africa
by the White, Christian European (British) forces and the
impact that changes introduced had upon the pre-existing
tribal structures. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Afrosout.wps

After Apartheid : A 2 page essay about sociopolitical
conditions for Blacks in South Africa since the collapse of
apartheid. Bibliography lists 4 references. Aparaftr.wps

South Africa / Political & Social Change Since The End Of
Apartheid :
This 8 page paper looks at contemporary South
Africa. Ideas from Nelson Mandela's "Long Walk to
Freedom" are included. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Managerial Practices In South Africa / After Apartheid :
A 10 page research paper exploring changes in managerial
practices since the collapse of the Apartheid system.
Significant changes are being made in the structure of
business practices in the last few years. Aggressive
promotion of privatization and Black empowerment are two
of the changes that are having major impacts on how
businesses are run in the country. More specifically, some
companies are beginning to implement management
techniques associated with successful businesses in other
countries. These changes and their effects are discussed in
this paper. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Samgt.wps

Modern South Africa / History, Government & Bureaucracy:
This 12 page paper looks at how modern South Africa
came into being. The writer assesses what the country’s
primary challenges were . . . and still are. Bibliography
lists 6 sources. Safri.wps

South Africa 1990 - 1996: A 10 page historical overview of
the death of apartheid and the emergence of government by
the majority. The first six years of life without apartheid has
been a segment of time that could serve to set the tone of the
next several decades. It is regrettable that South Africa
seems to have lost its direction and focus on the higher
ideals that were instrumental in ending apartheid, apparently
only to replace those ideals by the fantasies of the racism
that again is building. When the focus is on the good of the
individual rather than the good of the whole, the original
goals of that whole are too easily lost. Bibliography lists 8
sources. KSSAfrica.doc

The Economics of Apartheid : A 6 page discussion of
South African apartheid, its beginning and its uprooting.
Provides an emphasis of the advancement of blacks in the
workplace through the unified front of black unions and
statutory reform. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

South Africa: Where it's Been and Where It's Going :
A 5 page research paper that looks at the lingering effects
of apartheid on South Africa; and, which also spotlights the
careers of Nelson Mandela and Dr. Sindiwe Magona.
Bibliography lists 4 sources. 99soaf.wps

South Africa's Electoral System: A 10 page paper
discussing the framework, the list proportional
representation electoral system, by which it has conducted
its first two national elections after the end of apartheid.
The system allows many parties to be heard, but often can
block long-term progress. Other nations new to democracy
have chosen the same electoral system as did South Africa,
but then stayed with systems that are not conducive to
maturation of the democracy. South Africa, however, has
taken the route of inviting nearly as many voices as there are
views for the first two elections, and then reassessing its
electoral system to avoid the traps of remaining mired in the
many-voice approach. Bibliography lists 11 sources.

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