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Accounting & Personal Finance (Page 7)
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Commercial Leasing : This 6 page paper explores the
industry of commercial leasing inclusive of how companies
make decisions on whether to lease or purchase.
Bibliography lists 6 sources. Commleas.wps

The Theory Of Constraints Applied To The Non-Profit
Organization :
A 5 page paper applying the conclusions of
Eli Goldratt, the father of the theory originally based in
manufacturing systems. Eli Goldratt’s work in scheduling
systems for manufacturing operations brought him to a
study of manufacturing bottlenecks, where an otherwise
smoothly-flowing system can break down and destroy
projected scheduling plans. To this idea he gave the name
of Theory Of Constraints (TOC). Goldratt published The
Goal, a novel in which manufacturing bottlenecks played a
prime role, in the mid 1980s. From that, he developed the
idea of TOC and the idea of throughput, a concept that
increasingly is used in accounting for the not-for-profit
organization. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Constrai.wps

The Babson Value Fund : A 9 page paper analyzing the
performance of Babson Value Fund, a low-risk,
top-performing mutual fund over the period of 8/1/92
through 8/1/97, and then comparing that analysis to the
performance of the Dow Jones Industrial Average over the
same period. Babson Value is a stock fund of the growth
and income category. As such, its growth in Net Asset
Value (NAV), the value of one of its shares, has closely
followed that of the Dow for the same period. The paper
briefly glances at the Dow’s flirt with the “impossible” mark
of 3000 in 1990 and 1991 and includes historical leading
economic indicator indices. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

Choosing A Mutual Fund : A 10 page paper discussing
considerations for choosing a mutual fund. By their very
nature, most mutual funds supply a reliable method of
market investment: the fund is comprised of several stocks
of diverse economic sectors and therefore is not as sensitive
to market and industry fluctuations as are individual stocks.
Of mutual funds, growth, income and the combination
growth/income are the most common. The combination of
growth and income is one of the most common and one of
the most desirable—active income is reinvested to purchase
more shares of the fund; growth increases the fund shares’
value over time, and the balance of investment holdings
within the fund provides the greatest possible return with the
least amount of risk. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

Choosing The Right Mutual Fund : This 5 page paper
discusses a variety of issues the investor needs to consider
when selecting a mutual fund. Factors include the investor's
goals, the fund's performance, what the company's beta
means and knowing who is managing the fund.
Bibliography lists 6 sources. Mutfund.wps

Mutual Fund Portfolio Management : This 15 page paper
creates a mock mutual fund in order to glimpse just what a
fund manager does. Several stocks are chosen and each is
explored in depth in order to provide sound reasoning for
the choices made. Beta coefficients are used in assessing
risk. Bibliography lists 19 sources. Mutport.wps

Fidelity Select Home Finance Mutual Fund : An 8 page
search for an aggressive-growth mutual fund for the purpose
of serving the long-term needs of a late-20’s investor with a
mid-30’s salary. Funds heavily weighted along the lines of
the leading economic indicators of the US, while beneficial
for those investors seeking only income or limited growth
and income, most likely will decline in their ability to
provide their former high rates of return in aggressive
growth. Healthcare and financial applications are expected
only to grow, however. One of those funds is the balanced,
aggressive-growth fund of Fidelity Select Home Finance.
Bibliography lists 10 sources. Fund.wps

How To Lose In The Stock Market : A 6 page essay on the
folly of attempts on the part of the small investor in trying to
reinvent the wheel in investing in the stock market by trying
to “beat the odds” and ignore every sound investment
practice. Though market investing is a proven method of
building true wealth, it takes common sense and a
commitment of time. Market-generated wealth is not a
quick-turnaround reality. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

No-Load vs. Load Funds / A Change Toward More Load
Funds :
This 5 page paper reviews an article on this topic
from The Wall Street Journal. The writer explains the
possible reasons for why no-load funds are disappearing and
the trends in the current investment market. Noload.wps


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