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Miscellaneous Economics Papers (page 1)
An Argument to Abolish the I.R.S. : 7 pages in length. In
this well-written argumentative essay entitled "Freedom is
Worth More Than Money," the writer persuades us to
believe that the 16th Amendment which empowers the U.S.
Internal Revenue Service (I.R.S.) it too overbroad. It is
argued that the IRS has too much control..too much
power..and no adequate system of checks & balances. Using
a good amount of supporting evidence and case facts, the
argument is ultimately made that the I.R.S. should be
abolished as it has no place in a free & Democratic
America. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Irshate.wps

Revenues vs. State & Local Tax Reform-- An Overview :
A 10 page essay on some of the effects of unthinking tax
levies of state and local governments in their desperate
attempts to increase their revenues. With an extreme lack of
forward-thinking, many state and local governments attempt
to have businesses bear the brunt of their budget deficiencies
for the short-term without thinking through the long-range
implications. Connecticut is used as an example: the state
doesn’t have exhorbitant tax rates for its businesses, but
many families are finding that their best option is that of
leaving the state, and Bridgeport, Connecticut’s most
formerly-industrialized city, now claims the lowest-priced
existing industrial real estate in the country. Bibliography
lists 6 sources. Taxrefo.wps

Influencing The Budget : A 23 page research paper that
analyzes the congressional budget process, paying particular
attention to ways political parties and their congressmen
influence budget outcomes. The writer highlights the
concepts of majority rules as well as common tactics such
as persuasion, bargaining, and threats, and also discusses the
way a new presidential tool, the line-item veto, may
considerably reduce the amount of influence parties have in
budget outcomes. Bibliography lists 15 sources.

Fiscal Policy / Tax Cuts & Budget Deficits : A 5 page
paper reconciling the relationships between supply-side
economics, tax cuts and the apparent route to the true
reduction of national debt. Studies have shown that the
most successful of the European countries working to bring
their economies in line for membership in the EMU have
been the ones that have combined governmental spending
cuts with a resistance to raising taxes. Those that have cut
taxes have performed well, but the most effective area of
spending cuts has been that of public welfare and
government wages. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Fiscal.doc

Budget Deficit / Overview : A 3 page overview of the
budget deficit and its effects on the economy—past and
future. The writer posits that the future relies on support of
the Balanced Budget Amendment. Bibliography cites 2
sources. Budgdef.doc

Factors Affecting the National Deficit : A 6 page
examination of the current (1998) status of the National
Deficit and those factors which affect it. Bibliography lists
5 sources. Factdef.wps

1996 Presidential Race / A Question of Economy ? :
10 pages in which the writer examines the 1996 U.S.
Presidential race as having largely been a question of
economy. Clinton's role and ideology in U.S. economic
policy are looked at as are Bob Dole's counter attacks. All
are evaluated with respect to the election's outcomes.
Bibliography lists 12 sources. Election.wps

The Effect of Reagan Tax Cuts on Consumer Spending :
A 7 page essay on the effects of consumer behavior in
response to Ronald Reagan’s economic policies.
Immediately after taking office in 1981, he began instituting
a series of economic policies that came to be known as
“Reaganomics.” For the eight years immediately preceding
the Reagan era, there was no growth in real household
income. For the eight years following the time of his
administration, there has been a decline in that income of
over $1,400 a year. During the Reagan years, however, real
income rose a full 10% over the period, giving the American
worker more discretionary income than they had known
since the 1960’s. Five footnoted references; no
bibliography. Reagan.wps

Reaganomics : A 10 page paper that considers the positive
impact of Reaganomics on the American economic climate
of the 1980s. This paper determines that not only did
Reagan face a difficult and already determine economic
path set by years of mismanagement, but the systems that
were implemented under his Administration were the most
significant economic changes created in decades.
Bibliography lists 7 sources. Reag.wps

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