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International Economics & Finance (page 10)
Fidel Castro : In 8 pages the author discusses Cuban leader
Fidel Castro. The life of Fidel Castro has had many ups and
downs. He has been taunted as a revolutionary and he has
overthrown a dictator. Some see him as a dictator, but he
has done all that he can to save his country from the
hostilities placed on it by blockades from the United States.
Through all of the turmoil, Castro has remained a staunch
leader of his people. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

The Economic System Of Martinique : A 6 page paper
discussing the economic system of Martinique and
answering a variety of questions related to the country’s
economy. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Martinq.wps

Canadian Bank Mergers : 11 pages in length. There exists a
great deal of contrasting opinions with regard to the issue of
Canadian bank mergers; however, for the most part, it
appears as though Canadian officials and private citizens
alike are not favoring the marriages between and among the
big banks. Cited for a number of reasons including lost jobs
and higher costs for various transactions, the proposed
merging of five of Canada's most influential financial
institutions has caused a great deal of concern. In an age
when bigger does not always equate to better, Canadians are
worried that such unification will be a terribly costly
mistake. The writer discusses the pros and cons of the
Canadian bank mergers. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

Is China Becoming the Next World Economic Super
Power? :
A 10 page paper looking primarily at late 1990’s
economic developments in China, with an eye toward
answering the above question. China is in the process of
moving from a market-driven socialist economy to one that,
while freer, cannot be termed a totally free economy.
Already, the economic boom in progress since 1987 has
greatly increased the living standard of millions of China’s
citizens. The Jiang government is taking active steps to
ensure that China continues to enjoy double-digit economic
growth while holding inflation at low levels, and they are
committed to relieving themselves of all but 1,000 of the
305,000 state-owned enterprises. Bibliography lists 10
sources. Chinabpow.wps

China's Economy : A 5 page paper that provides an
overview of China's economy in light of the relationship
with the United States and considers the impacts of
economic reforms initiated in the 1970s. Bibliography lists
5 sources. Chinaeco.wps

The Economics Of Hong Kong vs. China : A 25 page paper
that strives to demonstrate the differences in the economies
between these two cultures. The writer discusses much
about the recent reversion of Hong Kong back to Chinese
rule, and what effects that will have on its economy and
government. Hongchi.wps

Economics In Hong Kong & China : An 8 page research
essay discussing aspects of Hong Kong economics in
comparison to those of China. While Hong Kong clearly
embraces much of Keynesian theory, China continues to
operate within a Marxist philosophy. This despite eager
study of Western economics theory for the past sixty years.
How New Hong Kong will fare in the world market as part
of the People's Republic of China is also discussed.
Bibliography lists 6 sources. Hongchi.wps

Economics / China & Hong Kong : A 10 page research
paper exploring the pros and cons of the rapprochement of
Hong Kong to China. The writer explores historical
Chinese and Hong Kong economics, shifting politics and
policies, and different sides of the argument in terms of the
dual economies of 1998. Bibliography lists14 sources.

China’s Economic Possibilities : 5 pages in length. Already
the largest manufacturer of labor-intensive products in the
world, China appears to be poised for nothing more than
impressive growth, and is expected to out-perform the
anticipated $1.1 trillion GDP of ASEAN by 2010. The
good fortune in China is skewed, however, with most of the
foreign companies being located in the southern provinces.
The region has reached its limits in the numbers of people it
can support; the paper takes the position that China should
require that future installations be placed around the
country. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Chinaecp.wps

US / China Economic Relations : A 10 page paper research
paper discussing the present status of US/China economic
relations and considering past and present indicators that
could impact the future of Sino-American trade.
Bibliography lists 8 sources. Uschina.wps

U.S. Financial Foreign Policy & China : A 20 page
research paper examining much of the phenomenal growth
of China’s economy. There are three basic sections: overall
Trade Policy, Foreign Investment Policy and Foreign
Exchange Rate Policy. The trade policy section lightly
discusses the WTO, of which China is not a member, but
deals extensively with the ever-intense issue of renewing
China’s Most Favored Nation status. The United States has
growing numbers of business concerns within China’s
borders, as some of our largest companies seek to take
advantage of some of the lowest production costs in the
world. Similarly, Taiwan has made the same sort of
investment in China’s economy. As U.S. trade deficits
show us reaching more of a balance with Taiwan, it is only
a paper balance—many of the Taiwan products we import
are actually produced now in China, and are called Chinese.
Bibliography lists 11 sources. Chinapol.wps

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