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International Economics & Finance (page 9)
Derivatives In International Finance : A 2 page paper how
multinational corporations can hedge their future needs
against changes in foreign exchange rates. In order to take
advantage of exchange rates when the economy is expected
to strengthen, multinationals need to take advantage of
hedging—not speculative—derivative instruments.
Companies such as Proctor & Gamble have lost billions in
unsound derivatives investments, but the astute use of the
derivative instrument can be a point of increased fiscal
efficiency for the multinational corporation. Bibliography
lists 6 sources. Derifina.wps

The Black Market & Its Role In Argentina : A 12 page
examination of the black market in Argentina, its
relationship to the stability of the economy and currency,
and the phenomena of supply and demand. Bibliography
lists 9 sources. Blakcm.wps

The Foreign Exchange Black Market In Argentina : A 10
page paper relating some of the extent of the currency black
market. Black market activities in Argentina have been
habitual since the 1600s, and in today’s economy the black
marketers have found that their most logistically sound and
most profitable enterprise is that of foreign exchange.
Bibliography lists 10 sources. Argent.wps

The Cambodian Business Climate : 9 pages examining the
current business climate and how the Cambodian
government is working to bring the country into the global
market. Of course there are political obstacles, and heavy
trafficking in both heroin and prostitution remains, but there
are also positive measures being taken by the Cambodian
government to bring problem areas under control. The
country has applied for membership in ASEAN, the
Association of Southeast Asian Nations. ASEAN member
countries are collectively experiencing the world’s fastest
economic growth rate, and Cambodia is eager to fully
participate. As the government works to promote political
and economic stability, businesses are encouraged to
cautiously take part in the growing Cambodian economy.
Bibliography lists 21 sources. Cambodia.wps

Chile / Her History & Economic Growth : A 9 page paper
that discusses the history, economic basis and current
economic trends in Chile. This paper utilizes a number of
current resources to consider the economic stability of this
country, especially in comparison with a number of other
Latin American countries, and determines that Chile's
economic stability is its strong point. Bibliography lists 6
sources. Chileeco.wps

Chile / Her Economic Past, Directions for the Future :
An 11 page look at the economic history, present and future of
Chile. Written from the perspective of a Chairperson of the
Council of Economic Advisors in Chile. Stresses the
importance of incorporating new technologies, particularly
the use of the Internet, into Chile economic activities.
Bibliography lists 8 sources. Chilec.wps

Chile’s Readiness for World Trade : A 7 page research
paper on Chile’s society, economy and recent governmental
history, in which they moved from parliamentary
government, to socialism, to military control, to democracy,
and all within a period of less than 20 years. Other
countries would have dissolved into civil war with such
extreme swings in policies, but Chile’s response has been to
show an annual economic growth of 7% in each of the last
10 years, following market adjustments after the military
government reversed many of socialist Allende’s programs
Though Chile is in line to join the NAFTA accords,
Washington politics is preventing the active participation.
Bibliography lists 8 sources. Chile.wps

Export Promotion -- Comparing the Success Rate in Chile
& Costa Rica :
A 4 page essay comparing the successes and
failures of import substitution industrialization and export
promotion manufacturing programs instituted in Chile and
Costa Rica in the 1980’s, with Costa Rica as the pilot
program. Their successes have taken different paths, not all
of which have been expected, but they have both
experienced successes, nonetheless. Bibliography lists 4
sources. Costaes.wps

The Impact of Drug Trafficking on Colombian Economy :
A 12 page research paper on how the drug trade itself and
how Colombia's reputation as a drug trafficking center have
impacted the country’s Colombian economy. Bibliography
lists 12 sources. Traffcol.wps

Cuba’s Economy : A 5 page paper discussing the Cuban
economy and Castro’s claim that the country is moving
toward a market economy. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

Cuba’s Economy # 2 : The economy of the socialist country
is analyzed in this 8 page paper. At issue is whether or not
the rosy picture as presented by Vice President Carlos Lage
and President Fidel Castro is accurate. Economic indicators
are explored in addition to a look at how the people live.
Class differences are noted. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

Castro : A 6 page paper discussing Fidel Castro, his life,
and his influence on United States’ foreign policy. Castro
was, and is, a very unique individual, unlike anyone
perhaps, ever maintaining great power. He frightened the
American government because of his uniqueness and
because he overthrew a government that supported the
economy of the Untied States. His choices, in relationship to
communism, are discussed as well as the attempts on his
life, as were made by the CIA. Much of what we, as a
country, do not know illustrates just how involved America
was with Castro in regards to foreign policy. Bibliography
lists 5 sources. Fidelife.wps

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