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Accounting & Personal Finance (Page 4)

The Gift Tax : In 1997, the Taxpayer Relief Act was
passed, the purpose of which was to alleviate taxes for the
upper middle class and to simplify some of the more
complicated tax laws then in force. The 'gift tax' was one
such area. In simple terms, the gift tax is payable by the
donor on gift property during the donor's lifetime. It is
based on the premise that a large gift of money and, or,
property would have been included as part of the donor's
estate and as such, would have been subject to taxes.
This 7 page paper examines the provisions of the gift tax
statutes and the impact of the Taxpayer Relief Act on the
utilization of gift taxes on estate planning. Bibliography lists
5 sources. GiftTax.wps

The Language of Accountants Keeps Them In Business :
A 7 page paper discussing how the unique language and
jargon of the accounting profession assures that only
accountants know accounting. This paper looks at how that
keeps accountants in business. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

Human Behavior in Managerial Accounting : A 17 page
paper on the effects that human behavior has upon a
managerial accounting system. The writer includes some
basic accounting principles, and discusses how they are, and
could be, effected by human behavior. Bibliography lists 11
sources. Humanb.wps

Managerial Accounting : A 20 page paper that provides an
overview of the issues related to changing technologies,
increasing competition and the role of management
accounting in a competitive manufacturing sector.
Bibliography lists 14 sources. Manac.wps

Nonprofit vs. For Profit Financial Planning : This 8 page
overview explains the essential differences in financial
planning techniques between profit and nonprofit firms.
Bibliography lists 4 sources. Nonpacct.wps

401(K) : This 7 page paper discusses different aspects of the
401k retirement plan offered by most companies. Today's
employee is looking for more in a company than in the past.
One of the incentives companies are using today is a 401k
program in which the company matches at least a portion of
the voluntary contributions made by employees. The writer
first explains different factors associated with the 401k plan,
then discusses the benefits to both employees and
employers. Bibliography lists 6 sources. PG401k.wps

The Independent Contractor & the I.R.S. : The subject of
independent contractor versus employee status as it concerns
the I.R.S. is the subject of this 8 page paper. The 20 point
test is discussed along with industries that have experienced
law suits resulting in reclassification. Consequences of
reclassification are included. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

Tax Fraud : This 6 page paper considers tax fraud cases.
Specific ways in which people attempt to cheat on their
income taxes is noted. The Internal Revenue Service’s
controversial program that uses paid informants is detailed.
Bibliography lists 9 sources. Taxfraud.wps

The Roth Individual Retirement Account Compared With
Traditional IRAs :
An 8 page paper discussing IRAs and
comparing the new Roth IRA with the “original” IRA.
Tax and conversion issues are outlined and the advantages
and disadvantages of each type of account are also covered.
Bibliography lists 12 sources. RothIRA.wps

Human Resource Management in Egyptian CPA Firm :
A 20 page paper that provides an overview of the related
economic issues in Egypt, the issues prevalent to human
resources management, and then applies them to CPA firms
in Egypt. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Cpaegypt.wps

Mortgage Receivership & Foreclosure : A 10 page paper
discussing the duties of the mortgage receiver appointed in
some cases of mortgage foreclosure. Even though the view
of “mine” is valid only for the mortgage holder, it is one that
is difficult to separate from the realities imposed by
foreclosure activities. As far as the mortgagee can see, that
receiver whose purpose is to protect the property is the only
“bad guy” in sight, and so he often receives the brunt of the
mortgagee’s frustrations. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Coopers & Lybrand in Hungary : A 5 page paper
discussing analyzing the facts presented in the Harvard
Business School Case 9-692-112, focusing on the problems
faced by the auditing and financial services consulting
corporation in entering Hungary in 1990. Hungary had their
own auditing standards, none of which complied with either
international standards or accepted convention. There were
no Coopers & Lybrand staff proficient in Hungarian methods;
there were no Hungarian accountancies familiar enough with
international standards to be able to work within them.
Bibliography lists 1 source. CoopLyb.doc

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