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Accounting & Personal Finance (Page 3)

The Principles of Accounting : A 5 page paper discussing
the accounting profession. The writer explains accounting
principles and procedures. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

Best Investment Choices – Treasury Bonds, Real Estate,
Index Funds, Precious Metals, and Money Market:
5 page report discusses the best options available of these
five possibilities for the investor with $100,000. The positive
and negative aspects of each of the areas are discussed
and overall recommendations presented. Bibliography
lists 6 sources. BW100K.rtf

Loan Approvals : This 4 page paper provides an overview of
what happens in the evaluation of a loan application. Ways to
protect the interests of the lender are examined. Bibliography
lists 4 sources. SA13Loan.wps

The History of Credit Cards: This 4 page report discusses
the history and development of credit cards. The use of retail
store cards and oil company cards was wide-spread by the
1950s. The development of bank issued cards took off in the
1960s led, of course, by Bank of America and BankAmericard.
Since that time, credit cards have become an integral part of
daily life for the American consumer and are more than likely to
remain as such. Competition is fierce among issuers to get their
cards and its unique benefits or offers in the wallets of as many
Americans as is possible. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

Accounting & The Non Profit Organization / Circular 133A :
This 11 page overview explains the compliance rules for
nonprofit organizations in accordance with requirements
as specified in 133A. A short section of common mistakes
made in following the accounting guidelines is also included.
Bibliography lists 7 sources. Circ133a.wps

Mandatory Redeemable Preferred Stocks &
Accounting Issues :
The controversy over treating the entity
as debt or equity is examined in this 11 page paper. Both sides
are discussed and the paper concludes that MRPS should be
considered a liability for reporting purposes. Bibliography lists
10 sources. Prestock.wps

Legal Issues Surrounding Corporate, Partnership, Estate,
& Gift Taxation :
A 12 page paper discussing the current
laws and/or regulations that directly concern the area of
taxation in relationship to corporations, partnerships, estates,
and gifts. These are complicated and multifaceted dimensions
of taxation. The Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997 is discussed in
regards to corporate taxation, and all other forms of taxation
under examination as this is the most recent legal action
involving these areas. Bibliography lists 15 sources.

Tax Issues Facing a British Pub Owner: This 9 page report
discusses the tax issues being faced by a hypothetical couple,
Jack and Jessica Snipes, who own a pub in England and also
have a variety of other monetary and financial problems aside
from the tavern. The report is written in the form of a letter to
each of them to explain their various tax obligations and
suggestions on how they should best handle them.
No bibliography. BWukTAX.rtf

Financial Planning, Estates & Trust : This 20 page paper
discuses both financial planning and estate planning.
The writer uses a hypothetical couple in their late twenties
and with two young children for illustrative purposes. Several
aspects of financial planning are discussed including the need
for budgeting, investing for retirement, and investing for
college costs for the children. The writer then moves into estate
planning and explains wills and probate, Living Trusts, gifting,
naming beneficiaries on retirement accounts, life insurance
policies and annuities and Charitable Remainder Trusts.
The discussion includes estate taxation and the strategies
for reducing this liability. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

Overriding Interest and Registered Land : This 9 page paper
provides an overview of the issue of overriding interest and the
viability of the land register. This paper considers Kevin Gray’s
statement that the land register cannot be relied upon as a
comprehensive record of the totality of interests effective
registered land. This paper considers how interests and
estates in land are categorized and how this impacts a
consideration of Gray’s statement. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

Misrepresentation In Accounting : This 8 page paper
considers ethics in the field of accounting. The AICPA Code
of Professional Conduct is cited as the standard that accountants
use. Issues such as insider trading, misrepresentation of
records and tax fraud are included. Bibliography lists 9 sources.

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