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Banking & Corporate Finance (Page 14)
Chapter 7 Bankruptcy : This 15 page paper discuses the
most often used type of consumer bankruptcy - Chapter 7,
which discharges most of the person's debts. Sections of the
paper include the incidence of bankruptcy in the U.S. and
Canada, the Bankruptcy Code, in general, and the laws
regarding Chapter 7, in particular, the steps involved in
Chapter 7 bankruptcy actions, debts that can and cannot be
discharged, the effects of the action and a proposed
modification of the Bankruptcy Code. Bibliography lists 6
sources. PGbnkrpt.wps

The Job Of Security Analysts & Researchers :
A 5 page
report on careers centered in the sales and trade of
securities, specifically the career of security
analyst/researcher. The industry involves both those sales
agents working for specific customers and those more
behind-the-scenes economic analysts whose responsibility it
is to analyze both the current performance of specific stocks
and forecast the specific stock’s likely path of growth in
both the short- and long-term future. The paper includes
education levels required and salaries that can be expected
at various levels within the industry, including the salary
effect of advanced degrees. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

Information Technology & The Banking Industry :

This 5 page paper examines the digital revolution in the
context of the commercial banking industry. The past,
present and future are discussed in terms of how
information technology has revolutionized an old institution.
The Michigan National Bank and Citicorp are highlighted as
industry leaders. The use of ATM’s, truncation, and home
banking is included in the overview. Bibliography lists 7
sources. IT.wps

Investment Trading :
This 10 page paper explores the
subject of investment trading. Several aspects are discussed
including mathematical models and the Efficient Market
Hypothesis. The difference between long term market
investing and trading is explained in detail. Bibliography
lists 8 sources. Invtrade.wps

Budgeting Management At Dial Corporation :
A 9 page
paper relating the actions and the performance of Dial Corp.
to their budgeting management system. The paper gives an
overview of some budgeting management systems such as
incremental, project-based, relevant-cost and
performance-based. It determines that the system in place at
the time Dial spun off its most recognizable products to a
new company, Viad, was most heavily weighted to the
incremental system and recommends that the company
ensure the use of a system with more accountability, such as
the relevant-cost approach. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

Bankruptcy At Federated Department Stores / What
Campeau Could Have Done :
A 5 page paper speculating
how Federated Department Stores could have avoided filing
Chapter 11 in 1989. Of course it’s always easier to see
what could have been done than it is to have a completely
clear view of the best long-term course of action when
making a decision, but seeing the way is never clear through
the fog of massive ego and arrogance. Robert Campeau
wanted Federated Department Stores, and he wasn’t going
to let a little thing like knowing nothing of the retail business
stop him. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Fedepst.wps .

Article Review / Technical Analysis For The Stock Market :
A 3 page review of an article in the Wall Street Journal
entitled: Technical Analysis Successfully Tests Old
Resistance Level of Fundamentalists. The article cites
successful uses of technicals and also offers opposing
opinions. Techs.wps

Wall Street Journal Article Review / Thrift Charters :
A 3 page review of an article entitled, "Brokers, Insurers
Queue Up for Thrift Charters." The article is a bit confusing
but it does offer some information on thrift charters and how a
thrift differs from a bank. The Federal Charter would place
thrifts in a good competitive position with banks. The
reviewer offers a synopsis of the article. Thrift.wps

Two Credit Union Articles/ Review : A 5 page paper
discussing reviewing the possibilities of a case before the
Supreme Court that would tighten membership rules for
federal credit unions, eliminating many current credit union
members. Credit unions consistently charge less interest for
loans and pay more interest on savings, and the banks
caught in the fever and expense of merger mania are seeking
legal means to regain the customers the credit unions won
through service and lower cost—i.e., competition.
Bibliography lists 2 sources. Credart.wps

Alex C. Michalos On STET, Currency Exchange, & World
Poverty :
A 14 page paper that addresses Alex Michalos'
hope for erasing world poverty through reforms in revenue
budgets for the U.S., Canada and the world. Michalos'
arguments are addressed, including counterpoints and his
response. The paper posits that Michalos' arguments are
adequately supported. Bibliography lists 1 source. Stet.wps

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